Tuesday, February 26, 2008


A letter from a daughter to the person who makes her weak and strong all at the same time, to the person who makes her nervous, to the person whom she thinks of everyday, and to the person who she calls mom.

I know you've been through hell and all that shit. I know it wasn't easy, i mean c'mon, I'd be dead crazy if I was in your position. EverytimeI think of you I feel anxious, anxious because I know that in every action that I do, the reaction is double to you. But, sometimes, I wish that you'd understand that everytime I try to be strong for you, I am slowly getting weak for myself. Being your shock absorber is fine with me, but do you really wanna make it as a habit? I seriously wanna be there for you, all the time mom. But, I am scared that being closer to you might just lead me into hating you, and I don't like that. What you just don't know is that I have beautiful plans for my life mom, but it would mean being away from you that is why I am changing those a little bit. I want you to know that no matter how scared I am today, I am still gonna be there for you today, tomorrow and the tomorrows after. I love you mom and all I want is for you to do me a little favor? make me your shock absorber, but leave a little space for comfort please.