Friday, July 27, 2007

My Heart Speaks

If, for example, things wouldn't turn out the way I would want it to be, would it hurt you the same way that it would hurt me?

If, for example, you would never hear from me as often as you used to, would you ever try to reach me out or would you just simply let it be?

I admit, I long for the moment where you would look at places and remember the times we spent there together

I hope, that you would look back and realize that you just let go of somebody who was willing to love you and be with you

I know my worth, but still, I keep on trying to prove to you that I am what you want.

They say loving is never stopping in believing, but what if finally I decided to give up? Would you stand up, be the man, and finally do the fighting for me?

I don't know how long will this take me, I don't know how long will this take us, but I am living for the moment.

Maybe you'll know that its me that you've always

wanted by the time I leave.

It might be sooner or later. But, hopefully, by the time that you have already made up your mind, time hasn't given up on us yet.

I hope the time will never come when all I can say is "its too late."


The midnight has swallowed her innocent face
her smile so rare turned gray
and her lips so pink turned pale
what did life do to her? You may ask
the beauty of her soul you know
the enchanting embrace of her grace you see
How much you want to run to her
give her all the love you think she needs
show her the compassion she seeks
inch by inch you're closer
step by step you feel her breath
touch by touch you know she's there
And finally, when everything is just so near
the mirror glass broke and there you see
images of you as her broken into glassy pieces

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bugtong hininga

Isang gabing mapangulila
mga matang patuloy na lumuluha
pusong naghahanap ng pang-uunawa
sumisigaw ng pagsumong mahirap ikaila

Naisin mang pumikit at lumimot
Sugat ng puso ay sadya paring kumikirot
Nanaising maglakbay ng walang hanggan
masagot lamang ang katanungang tilang walang kasagutan

Sa gabing mapangulila
mga matay patuloy paring lumuluha
ngunit sa kabila ng kaguluhan bumabatid sa isipan
hawak parin ang dasal ng walang hanggang kasiyahan

The perpetual blogger

I am a perpetual blogger. I write to curse, and I write to simply just express some things that are just better expressed in writing. My blogs are mostly about the matters of the heart and that is not because I am just the type of a person who over analyzes a lot. Rather, writing when somethings is bothering me inside makes the words more sincere and makes the scribbling easier and more spontaneous. So, upon reading my blogs, you will not only realize how bored I can sometimes be, but it is just like giving you a consent to know and comment about what I am feeling on certain matters in my life.

And why :What's behind the yellow smiley face?" It's because no one really knows what;s behind it and like me, you can never decipher my thoughts and my real being unless you know what this writer without a pen writes in the air with her thoughts and day dreaming.