Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I felt that you were standing behind me, so I turned around and true enough there you were staring back at me smiling and looking healthy. Looking so handsome in your green striped polo shirt, I felt so happy seeing you again after all these years. I shouted with excitement calling your name and I ran towards you and I hugged you really tight. As you walk towards the room, I held your hand with no plans of letting go. Still smiling, you told me that it was already time for you to go but I insisted that you see mom first and so we did. You told mom that she was very sweet and I was too, then when I asked you if you were happy, you kissed me on my forehead then on my lips and said that you've never been happier. After that sweet moment, again, you told me that you really have to go. I didn't let go of your hand yet - I asked you if we could go and see kuya John. We went outside and after Kuya John saw you, Kuya and I hugged real tight and after a very blissful moment, I caught myself catching my breathe and I woke up to the comfort of my bed, in the coldness of my room. As what I asked of you the night before, you showed yourself to me in my dream for the first time. Yesterday was the 40th day since you died and they say that after 40 days, it is when the soul finally leave the earth and goes home to the paradise with the heavenly Father. Thank you for that very memorable and sweet farewell daddy. I love you

Friday, October 19, 2007

Way back into love

It's amazing how love gets its way back into your life.

One minute you promise yourself that you're never gonna love as fast again, and the other second you find yourself smiling alone and thinking about that one extra-special person.

You breath real deep until the warmth of your breathe suddenly becomes the most comforting element at the moment, and you cling to your over used pillow imagining it was the hands of your lover.

You know you're scared, but you don't bother.

You know you're not exactly right, but you know you're not exactly wrong either.

Everything is a matter of stop or go, and with all the million choices in front of you,

you discreetly choose the one that involves him.

and how do you think you can still turn your back at that feeling?

you know. But you won't