Sunday, August 5, 2007

its all a game

I am starting to believe that romantic relationships have a new meaning. In a relationship that can be bonded by men-women, men-men, and women-women, it all seems to have one vicious cycle - the cycle called game. Not long ago, I hated the game where one just have to get hurt. But, just recently, I realized that there is no point hating the game for what can I do? That's the game and the game has its rules. However, the rules did not write on who the constant players are. So, right now, I'm not hating the game, but I am hating the players. Whoever said that the players can never change? Of all the "games" that I've been to, I have always given my opponent the consent to defeat me, but not anymore. Now, I am starting to understand the game more and this time, I am going to play it right.