Friday, October 19, 2007

Way back into love

It's amazing how love gets its way back into your life.

One minute you promise yourself that you're never gonna love as fast again, and the other second you find yourself smiling alone and thinking about that one extra-special person.

You breath real deep until the warmth of your breathe suddenly becomes the most comforting element at the moment, and you cling to your over used pillow imagining it was the hands of your lover.

You know you're scared, but you don't bother.

You know you're not exactly right, but you know you're not exactly wrong either.

Everything is a matter of stop or go, and with all the million choices in front of you,

you discreetly choose the one that involves him.

and how do you think you can still turn your back at that feeling?

you know. But you won't