Saturday, March 22, 2008

after years and years...

As much as I try myself from not over doing the excitements of the newly graduates, I can't help but scribble a little bit. Life certainly has its wonders. Yesterday you were still cramming for your long major exam, and before you knew it, you are already standing, taking oath and shifting your tassel to the left corner of your cap. What's next? you should ask. Now I know why school is sometimes better, and safer if I may say. When you were still in the four corners of your alma mater, at least you'd know what to do tomorrow - wake up early, eat breakfast, go to school. But, when all of those have come to an end, you suddenly realize that for the first time in your life, you do not know what to do next. You suddenly fear the imagery of being poor. because true enough, your choices today will either make your or break you. Welcome to the real world! as how most of the professionals would say. I wonder what my first job would be like, and I wonder how would my first salary pay would feel. I want to do millions of things, if only all of those are possible and necessary. Sometimes, I would still wish that I'd be in school tomorrow. Sometimes, I wish I still have an exam to pass. But, being in college forever wasn't my eternal plan. Damn i don't wanna be a bum. Hopefully, a month or two of soul searching will do the job.