Sunday, December 7, 2008

dumaguete L-O-V-E

I'm leaving for the states. Not any time soon though, well that's if you start counting today. But, as early as now, I'm feeling depressed already. It feels like I'll be leaving a lot behind me. Aside from the anxiety of what is up for me in the states, I feel that my life here in Pinas is just starting and I'm leaving it right away. Sometimes I wish that instead of a ticket for US, they just bought me a one-way ticket to Dumaguete. I don't know, I just never got used to not being in Dumaguete to think that it has almost been a year. I have good friends here in Davao, but my friends in Dumaguete are more of a family than just friends. Those people know the real me, even the shit in me. With them I can laugh out loud without anyone shutting me up and get really upset without the pressure of explaining. But, like anyone else's, my life has to move on too. I guess sometimes I just have to be distant from the people and form the life that I love so much, but I'm sure that's not gonna be forever. I am trusting, deep in my heart, that I'm gonna meet my Dumaguete friends again. I don't care if it's gonna be as early as next year or as later when we are all already 30 to 40-ish. I don't know. Coz of all the love in the world, the love we have for each other is a sure thing.