Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another War

Another cold war.

The captive is desperate, desperate to struggle away from the cold captivity that has trapped her inner strength into a coil of emotions that has been strongly manipulated by another person's desire, by another person's law.

Being in a world where she does not have control of was her choice. A choice she thought she could handle, a choice she thought would someday bring triumph. She fought hard for that little space left for her, doing every thing a woman can possibly do just to survive what was supposed to be a man's fight. Every now and then, she shed some tears but the want was so much stronger than the need to just give up.

Until, there was so much little left of her. Moving two steps backward from the war and for the first time saw the whole picture - she was alone. She ran from the left corner of the room and to her surprise, crashed glasses encountered her. Blood starting to drip from her arm, but she did not mind. Angry and exhausted, she went down to her knees and screamed her heart out for the first time. The world she has been fighting for all these times is just of nothing special, only a world surrounded by broken glass mirrors.