Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Night World!

It's funny how sleep can be an alternative form of escape, well at least for awhile or at least when you don't dream about the main reason why you just don't wanna stay awake. I don't know the exact scientific or superstitious explanation, but it's surprising and quite close to irritating when you dream about that one thing that you are scared of or that specific moment that you are running away from. The fears and uncertainties continue to haunt you as if you have done wrong to their gods or goddesses. However, the most ironic part is, even if when you've dreamed about it, still you are half happy that you did. Maybe this is what they call as masochism, wanting more what hurts the most. And just to give yourself a little favor and a little more reason to inhale and exhale, you try to convince yourself that it's you who is unreasonable and that you are just over analyzing a problem that is just self-inflicted after all, besides you are the ultimate warrior when it comes to battling your heart against you mind. There are no perfect words to explain what you are feeling, except that it feels like you are having a major cardiac arrest when in fact, your doctor just examined that your heart is in perfect condition - You know you should've asked for a second, third or forth opinion, who cares? Eventually, you get tired of fighting the inevitable and just willingly submit yourself to sleep hoping that tonights dream would at least be on your side.