Tuesday, November 25, 2008

to the air beneath my wings

I am moving few steps backward for awhile, and I hope you guys are patient enough and love me enough not to hate me. If you really know me, you should already know and understand that I am not good with sharing whatever emotions I have, I'm more used to dealing with my shit alone. I am taking few moments alone to think things over and this time I want to decide on what I THINK is best and not just merely on whatever I'm feeling or whatever you guys think and feel I should do. I am not taking you for granted, as a natter of fact, I love you guys so much that I want to save my values before abandonment, anger, confusion and pain takes over it. This shouldn' t take me so long and trust in me that I will not go that far.


O.A.K.O. said...

mao ba nga lowbat ang fone ff? and dili mutubag kung nindot ba ang one true love? closed door meeting with myself ba ito?