Monday, November 24, 2008


2 red apples, a syrup of vanilla, a litter of water, a shot glass of Jose Cuervo, a scatter of paper ashes and a minute chanting..

Why can't an invisibility potion be made that easy? Or maybe a sudden hit by something hard on the head could trigger such power or a an accidental rubbing of a magical lamp, who knows.

I wonder how it feels to be invisible even just for a day. You know, being able to hear people's secrets and being able to watch over someone without getting caught. Or if not an invisibility potion, I think having the power to control time would be great too.

I believe that there is someone up there who is great and immortal, but sometimes when my brain has all the time to wander, a lot of thoughts get entertained by my head. What if there is something beyond that is way greater, that there is something about human being and life that is still yet to be discovered. What if everything is just a force of nature.

On times that I do not have control of everything, i just can't help but to ponder if there is one thing that should be done or a button to be pressed just to make things a lot easier.