Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taking a big leap

One of my closest friends here in Davao will be taking what probably is one of the biggest leap she could ever take in her entire life. Of all people, she is the least person I expected this to happen to. I mean, I always saw her as someone who was under control of everything. Besides, it has always been the barkada's running joke on how ironic that back in high school we were judged by some people as someone who wouldn't be able to finish school, get pregnant right away and get married. However, we managed to prove them wrong. I mean, all of us are very much stable and each one of us is already enjoying a lucrative job. Until, the revelation that she shocked us last Sunday.

My girl friends and I were in the car driving our way to a coffee shop when during stucked in the traffic, our friend handed us a white oblong plastic. It was handed upside down and when one of our friends turned it around, we were left with nothing else to say but, "you're pregnant." No one among us 5 ever thought of the word abortion. Actually, I was proud that every one's first reaction was if our friend is okay and if she would marry her boyfriend.

When we got to the coffee shop, we all lit a cigarette except for that particular friend, of course. I mean, we are used to dealing with heartaches or even saving each others asses, but we never thought we would deal we something as life changing as this. Being pregnant was not the worry of my friend, since like what I said, she is already stable. Instead, she was worried on how to tell her parents.

Just hours ago, I received a text message saying that my friend is telling her parents right that very moment and it would be great if the four of us could go support her. However, since my work does not end until 5:30, I wasn't able to go. After 2-3 hours, I got a text from her saying that she'll be having a civil wedding any time next week, but in Manila (Just to keep things quiet for awhile. I mean, the least thing my friend needs now is the pressure and the judgment that the society could cruelly give).

I feel really hurt by the news, coz I feel that my friend isn't ready for marriage yet. But, I trust her. She always use her brains in times of decisions, and if ever she really decides to marry him, I know that's because she really wants it. er, i really do hope so.

Anyway, I can't wait to be done with work. My friends and I are meeting at the same coffee shop to talk about things. I feel very blessed knowing that my friends and I treasure each others opinions, that ever since high school, we have still managed to be each others retreat.

I know my friend will be taking a huge leap and she knows that too. But no matter how much leaping she will be doing, she really has nothing to worry about because rest assured, we will all be leaping huge with her. uhm, just incase she needs a friendly frog at hand *wink


Porsche said...

It's nice to have friends, right? I hope she'll be alright, kabs.