Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Worn out sneakers

The first time I stepped my foot on Dumaguete, someone from afar shouted "Madahan!!!" and kalami sa feeling! abot na gyud diay ko!

Aside from the multiple asthma attacks I had ( damn this asthma I wasn't able to do as much as I wanted to!), my trip to Dumaguete felt so BEAUTIFUL! It was as if I finally came home after the longest time - I don't wanna think that my hospital hopping and my ambulance escapade was the highlight of my trip (boo!).

Anyhuuuu.... One of the Million things I love most about my trip was the walking! yep, gimingaw nko ug baktas2x. haha! It felt sooOooo good walking around Dumaguete and Silliman, even the air in Dumz smells different and the trees seems to be greener!

JN knew how much walking amuses me (he enjoys doing the same), so he decided that we walk from Nusa Dua to Agan-an to have breakfast along the beach - we forced ourselves out of the bed at 7 in the morning even though we were out partying until 5 am. A walk from Nusa Dua to Agan-an will take 2 to 3 hours but I never even complained!

I was not told that we would literally have to cross beaches, so along the way, I had to once and awhile take off my sneakers until I finally decided to walk barefoot (JN and Philip had to show me 4 sea urchins before I finally got convinced to just let my shoes get soaked in sea water! hehe) JN was too excited to show me the different beaches that we would be able to pass by, plus he was too proud that we would be crashing the airport's runway! Outsiders are prohibited to enter the runway premises, but he was just too excited and proud that I ignored my doubts. 4 beaches and around 7 sea urchins after, I was officially allowed to take off my sneakers - YEP! THE RUNWAY!!! so it's official! bilib nko kay JN! haha. Philip commented that what if a plane would suddenly fly through us and I immediately made a joke out of his comment that a plane would be one of the most obvious things visible. And just seconds after my joke, a plane flew behind us. It must have been my adrenalin or perhaps my excessive caffeine intake, that I immediately went down on my knees and covered my face! I swear!! I seriously felt the pressure on my nape! I got back to my senses right away and upon looking up saw them of JN and Philip looking down and laughing at me! As usual, I was the victim of my own joke! hehe =p

It was a sunny day but the heat of the ground touching my feet didn't feel destructive at all.
After the runway were another 3 beaches until we felt our tummies complain and looked for a place to have breakfast - we stopped over San Moritz and ordered lechon kawali and sisig! After breakfast, JN and Philip went swimming while I decided to stay and just feel the air around. We took the pedi going back. I am going back this Summer and I'm gonna make sure that it will be another worth-while walking for me.