Monday, February 2, 2009

Miracles do happen!

Friday was a miracle-filled day! Do you believe in miracles?

Well, miracles doesn't always have to literally come from heaven. It can be as simple as getting a free ride home to yeah, maybe seeing an angel go down from above! hehe.. But, nonetheless, Miracles do exist! You just have to look at the bigger picture and appreciate the little wonders of life. Remember, not all that happens to you are bad. Even bad moments would eventually turn into good ones. Everything is just a matter of perspective and of course, Faith. So go on and keep on believing coz in this world where pain is no stranger, hope is the only thing that could keep you going.

Why my Friday was soOoooSooooo Miraculous!

1.) Thanks to my mom, I got back the most important documents of Sta. Lucia that I left in the taxi last Wednesday. (Mom had to go to the radio stations and Tv stations just to try her luck) thanks mom! you are my life saver.

2.) Din2x found us a very cheap ticket to Cebu, plus she lend me a thousand as so I could avail of the round trip tickets.

3.) YM was perfectly fast while Ayi was sending me adobe files, which saved my deadline! loveyou yi!

4.) My boss loved my project! wee!

5.) Totally forgot about Jon's birthday! Good thing Din2x convinced me an 18th flight instead of a 26th!