Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My friend sent me a text before boarding the plane to Bangkok, Thailand. Of course, I replied the usual “have a safe trip and Keep in touch!”, but what I really wanted to ask him was “How does it feel to be leaving Pinas for awhile?” However, I didn’t mind doing it anymore as to I might just spoil his vacation (I don’t want to remind him over and over again that he’ll be leaving his special someone behind for awhile). And somehow, it made me thinking about my leaving for the states. But boo-hoo!!! This blog ain’t about myself, so I won’t discuss some details, yet.. hehe =p

Anyhu… Aiken, I know you are leaving with a heavy heart ‘coz tooot is left here,but more to that, you should also be excited for Thailand. Gawd!!! Did you even know that Thailand is one of the places that I’ve always dreamed to visit?! whew! Lucky you dude! Thailand’s culture is just so overwhelming!!! =D okay, now I am officially envious. hehe..

One day, I’ll go to Lumpini park to just relax amid the palm trees, bring my journal and pen with me and just write the whole day away! I’m sure there would be so much things to write about while being surrounded by greens and hearing the sound of water with the Chinese Pavilion and Clock Tower insight. Next, I wanna watch the sunset at Wat Arun, enjoy the entertainment at Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, stay overnight at The Oriental Bangkok, get a very good massage at Ananda Spa, dance a sexy and sultry salsa evening at Fogo Vivo, and to top it all, I wanna nose around DJ Station in behalf of all my loving gay friends - haha!

But, day dreaming aside… I’m gonna miss you ken. Oh no! I’m gonna take that back, coz it won’t just be me,but WE. OA noh? as if unsa ka kdugay sa Thailand? haha! Take care ken and this is sincere - not just part of the usual lines for someone who is in the plane right this very moment. And most of all dude, HAVE FUN, alright?!?! and oh yeah!!! don’t forget to update us with your blogs! love you =)


It was really sweet of you to tell us to remind tooot to wait for you, and surely we will. =)


Easter Bunny said...

ahay mularga pud diay ka bea? for good or visit ra?


for good na.. wish me luck mam =) kiss dumaguete for me.