Saturday, March 21, 2009


Enough I say, Enough.
The field I'm in isn't giving me the justice that I deserve anymore.
How can allow him to make me feel this way about myself?
I always tell my friends that you only allow a person to hurt you if you give them the consent to do so, and here I am once again failing to do what I preach.
Enough of this never ending self hurt. From now on, I shall stop looking at your account,
and from now on, I shall stop comparing myself with her.
After this blog I'm sure it will still hurt, but it is me to blame why I am still not coping.
I need to stand up for myself. I can not center my life on you anymore.
It has hurt me badly, still hurting me deeply and I this I should not tolerate anymore.
I am so tired, my love. I have done my part. I don't expect you to do yours anymore.
Enough I say, Enough.