Saturday, March 14, 2009

United Amerikan Tiki2x

It was raining so hard... Passed by Obrero street and when I figured it was a motorcycle accident ahead, my heart beating fast. dum.. dum.. dum.. dum.. whew, it's not him. Thank God!

Looked at the front mirror, my friends staring at me. "Ay sus... ambi nimo siya na? siya nalang unta!" one of my friends cussed.

I am one broken record, I know. And as much as you guys want to console me,you just don't wanna listen anymore kay gikapoy na mo ug kalagot saiya ug usahay... saako. Let's put it this way: You already find it so hard just listening about it, how much more feeling it?

true enough.. kapoy gyud biya. pero unsaon ta man.... nag tiki2x man ko sauna so taas2x pa ako tolerance sa pain. Damn Tiki2x!