Saturday, March 14, 2009

naknang nimal putang tanga

Tell me.

Is it wrong to continue loving you? Am I punishing myself for being here for you still? And am I a fool for not totally letting go? The mind can think of letting go from the one you love, but the heart just can not. It's like an addictive drug that keeps running in my thoughts, in my veins. Sometimes, I admit, I look at her, look at myself, look at her again, and wonder what you see in her that you do not see in me anymore. Was I easier to love when we were still 18 than now that we're 23? Every day I keep myself busy, waking up late and spending as much time as I can with my friends. But this is not easy as it's you whom I think of to sleep and the first thought as I wake up. God knows I am not enjoying this, He knows I'm deeply hurting. Doesn't he have the power to just erase this all away? I've been praying that I'd be able to take you off my mind, off my heart but to no avail. Though I'm keeping the faith.. I'm keeping the faith. Because in this war that I'm fighting alone, it's the only strength left for me.

Last night you were here with me. You know we just couldn't fake it, you know you are happy when you are with me, but why so coward my love? Am I not worth the third try? or maybe I am just being selfish for even asking this. I swear, I did not mean to hurt you then. I was 18 and foolish. Can't you see I'm a grown up now? My Love, I am sorry.

For awhile it was smooth sailing. Not having you around, I mean. However, you just keep on coming back. I resisted until the urge to see you again became stronger than my eagerness to resist. When you thought I was already happy with him, you got scared and that I do not understand. You don't want me anymore and You don't want me with someone else either. Where do you want me to be? Stuck in the middle waiting for you? Pathetic 'coz until now, I still don't understand. Until now I still can't lay all the cards before you as I am scared that these might just push you farther. I know I'm crazy for just waiting. Waiting when you'll have a fight with her, waiting when she's busy and doesn't have time for you, and waiting when missing me is just already becomes too much for you to bear. When you told me how much you are missing me, I swear my knees weaken. I can not stop crying the whole day as it's harder knowing that you still want me than knowing that you don't. I am your convenience, your comfort zone, your solace.

I am missing you my Achilles heel. I'd do anything to have another moment with you.