Friday, March 20, 2009

Bad news

Today, I received a very bad news.

I was told that a friend of ours was kidnapped 6 p.m. yesterday in front of MTS. He went back for his lost wallet at MTS and while walking, a van stopped before him fronting to be a public transportation. And, since there was a transportation strike here in Davao and it was so hard to get a ride anywhere, he decided to get in. While in the van, our friend was still sending texts with his girlfriend complaining how packed the van was and after awhile of not replying, he managed to send his cousin a text that says "VANKIDNAPHELP." 6 hours have passed and there is still no information regarding his whereabouts.

I can't stop thinking about our friend the whole night, worried of his safety and worried of every one else's. If it happened to him, meaning it could happen to me and to any of my loved ones too. It is scary how unsafe this world has become. These criminals certainly won't spare anyone from their inhumanness.

My friend's family is now dealing with the authority, while we are left with nothing else to do but pray and hope for the better. I pray that these criminals would just take all of his material things away, and just let him be SAFELY.

The reason of me blogging this is not just to merely inform people what happened, but to remind people to not easily trust strangers and to be very careful. Whether it's as primitive as a certain province or as metropolitan as Davao City, still every one should be extra sensitive about his surroundings. It happened as early as 6 p.m., so I can't say that it was a time factor. It just shows that regardless what time of the day it is, still, mean people will do mean things. The only thing left for us is to be aware that these things could happen and so it pays to be alert all the time.

Please pray with us for the safety of all involved.