Thursday, March 26, 2009

of teleseryes and afternoon shows

“Nakikiusap ka hanggang sa may laban pa. Pero pag wala na talagang ilalaban, eh di cge okay. At least lumaban ka,” was a line that struck me while watching The Buzz on ABS-CBN yesterday.

Truly, you fight for that one person you are madly in love with. You fight for him ‘coz you believe there is still something worth fighting for, you fight for him ‘coz you believe he is worth the battle, and you fight for him even if it hurts and continue fighting for him even if your heart is begging “enough.”

However, in every battle, you still always have to save your self, for a warrior won’t become much of a warrior if she doesn’t know how to protect herself first. Quoting one of the lines in the teleserye Tayong Dalawa:“I’d rather have a breathing coward, than a dead hero.”

Time will come that you’ll feel you have already exhausted yourself TOO much and voluntarily, yourself will just retire from the never-ending limbo. And this doesn’t mean you already love him less or the way you feel for him has changed, it’s just that Finally, you have come to regain the courage and wisdom to tell yourself that it is time to regain your self worth back and that beautiful smile on your face that was once taken away by the hurt that he has caused. It’s gonna be a heavier battle at first (the living life the way you deserve and the sleeping and waking up without his thoughts), but once you open your eyes and see that there is a new love that is more than willing enough to make you happy, then life for you my dear will be much blissful, especially since you have once again proven to yourself that you are capable of loving that much and being loved this much.