Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boredom Noted

Aguy!!! I am so bored. (sigh)... and to think I was out just last night. Nitz treated me for coffee at Karl's pero I went home agad coz Nitz wanted to get a massage, and I recommended Shiatsu fronting Shell Bajada, and buti naman he liked it. I have things to do here at home naman, like do my online stuff and clear my closet. I want to try all my clothes on and experiment, kaso lang I'm still kinda lazy to do it. whew, boredom noted!

ooh... Tama diay! I have good news. Yesterday and today I woke up with a light heart =) yep! He wasn't my first thought. Uhm, second thought lang pero improvement na uy! hehe. and it has been more than a week since I'm taking C-lium, which is super an accomplishment kay wala gyud siya lami! haha.. but good for the health man daw, so cge tiis. Health conscious na ko dapat while I'm still young. Not just to lose weight but syempre to protect myself from sakit - CHAAARRRMUUUSSS! hehe..

whew... mga friends where art thou? looking forward nalang ko for this saturday coz we're going to mumay's house daw for a pink party. hopefully madayon.. haha.. cge na ui, i'll blog in my fs blog. super boredom noted. =)